Thursday, 29 March 2012

In the Mood?

The taxi stuttered through traffic as she
tried to put herself in the mood for her
lunch with her lover but she kept
glancing at her phone in case Tommy’s
cough had turned worse at school or the
bloody boiler-man decided to return her
many calls.

But then she remembered her husband’s last
desultory touch, the drip of the
en suite tap, the unmown lawn, the
deep ache she had to be
properly penetrated, so she
switched off her phone and
willed herself wet.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Forgetful Me

It was just forgetfulness I swear and the
daily domestic disaster of getting
two boys and a girl to school, a
days shopping planned, the heat that
made sense of the short sundress.

It wasn’t until the escalator in the Mall and the
soft whistle from below that I discovered that my
knickers were beautifully ironed in their
proper drawer but not on me and I
flushed as I wondered what they could see, those
men down there, looking.

The higher I went the more they would see and
I was suddenly wet thinking of it, wondering if I was
well-groomed, wanting desperately to
root in my bag for something I didn’t need and
pondering whether I owned
enough shoes.

High Heels

When I watch her with someone else I
love her in high heels, seeing how they
raise her to the right height to take his
length from behind, but
when it is me I prefer her
barefoot, her weight
teetering on her toes as she
flexes and pushes up whilst I
make her mine again.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


The car journey at night through
soft suburbia would have been
uneventful except for the
blindfold, the strong
insistence of his hand guiding her
up steps, the smells of a
new house, the silent existence of
others, the unspoken desire for her to
kneel, open her mouth and

Friday, 16 March 2012

Early or Late?

Their son was far away and
incommunicado when her husband
died suddenly and her
beloved was buried and the
funeral accoutrements long forgotten when he
came back tall and tanned and
suddenly solidly grown up
wrapping her in a thoroughly
masculine embrace which made her
gasp and moisten despite her
despair and the impropriety but
making her think that it
wasn’t too late though perhaps it was
too early.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

May I?

“May I?” he asked and that was so
polite she let him and each
“Please?” earned him a
smiling nod until her
smile was all that clothed her so
looking at his still clad body and
in the interests of balance
she asked, “May I?”