Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hallowe'en (Strip)Tease

Who was this Athene with attitude, this
unstartled Diana stripping sensually in my
small flat, this Gilda prepared to shed
rather more than a glove?

Who was she who caught my eye at the
crowded bar, spoke first when I couldn’t
imagine what to say, and got
straight to the point?

Who was she who bared her small
sharp breasts, her sharp hips, her
lack of underwear, with the
shake of a snake?

Who was she whose hot mouth
clamped itself to mine, whose
cool hand stroked my sex to an
unbearable hardness?

Who was she who made my bed a
maelstrom, folded like origami,
had the strength of an
Amazon in her tiny torso?

Who was she who was gone when I
awoke, her smell all over me, her
dress where she’d dropped it and her
impossible heels askew?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Toasty in her narrow bed, her
fingers sticky, and surrounded by the
sybaritic scents of her almost
permanent arousal, she
pondered how she could get him to
spend the contents of his
proud purse on her and
her alone.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"Click-Clack" (Captain Beefheart)

She could hear the unhurried
click-clack of his heels, good
leather on polished wood, pausing
now and then—to
admire the view? The city
resplendent in autumn light? Or her—
naked, blindfolded and
restrained across a coffee table?
Who could see her on this fine
busy mid-day? She
knew the blinds were open as she could
feel the sun heating her bare flesh,
knew well that clink-
slick-slick-slick of his
belt being removed,
knew she was about to be
beaten, abused and fucked (she
knew no nicer way of
putting it) however he pleased
before an audience of gawping
lunchtime strangers, but she
didn’t know why she found this so
unbearably exciting.