Thursday, 27 October 2011

Eye Phone

She loved the fullness in her mouth, the
flex of live flesh under her tongue, the
flavour of the seepage, the
weight of his balls in one hand as the other
coaxed from them the cum she wanted, the
reason for her kneeling there naked
before him, eyes closed, brow
furrowed in concentration.

“Baby?” was said so sweetly, so tautly, that it
made her open her eyes and look into the
bare black back of his iPhone with its
little eye that went click just as
her mouth filled and her
heart sank and her
pussy wept at the thought of
all those people online
loving that shot.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It was at the deli counter, when the
thickset guy with the ugly tattoo
asked “Anything else, madam?”, that she wanted to
shout “Yes, I’m a
married housewife with two
beautiful girls who will need
picking up from school soon, which will
entail standing amidst
picky parents with this bloody
penis-shaped bit of
plastic in my previously
untouched arse, sent to me by a
man I’ve never met in preparation for his
visitation to our little town next week when I am to
meet him at an hotel where he will—
sorry if this shocks you—
fuck all my holes and send me home with his
sperm on my pretty face—his words
not mine (I think I’m
rather plain)—and do you know
what is really shocking? Eh? Yes
I’m going but no that’s
not it—I’m about to have a
bloody great orgasm right here, right
now and I’m sorry if you have to
call for a clean-up but I hope you
understand and ...oh

Instead, she got a grip on her
shame, her embarrassment, the rather
full feeling in her bowels, the
drip of her pussy and her
incipient orgasm and like a
good English housewife ordered a
half-pound of Cheshire cheese.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Talk

She felt obliged to tell her daughter all the
usual guff about
love and respect and
sexual health when
what she wanted to say was
fuck like a rabbit,
never say no to a threesome,
explore anal and have a DP at least
once in your life, learn to
enjoy the taste and texture of sperm,  wonder
what a woman might taste like and
act on it or risk
being like her
wishing she’d done more.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Road into the Woods

It was all so familiar and
so unreal: there was the
childrens’ school, dark and
quiet; the cafe where she
met her friends; the little
lingerie shop whose wares she was
wearing; the enormous Tesco, still
thrumming despite the hour—all so
odd and ordinary, then

the road climbing out of town into the
woods where her children loved to
scamper, where she had played
silly games with her friends, first
held a boy’s hand, first
kissed—in the car-park of which
she was about to suck
strangers’ cocks, encouraged by the
man driving the car who
wasn’t her husband.

The town looked so small and
cosy from up here: she hoped the
children wouldn’t wake and
disturb her husband; that he wouldn’t
start smoking again; that he’d
still love her when she returned
changed and dirtied from her

The car turned and her town was gone: it was
just her and him in that
headlit tunnel through the trees,
with those men and her
frightened excitement at one end and
at the other
everything else.

Monday, 10 October 2011

'O' Face

He’d seen that ‘O’ face so many times, the
startled rictus, the
spastic scrabbling of her fingers, that
desperate curling of her toes, the
stifled swearwords, sweat,
snatched breaths, the sudden
rigidity, hips upturned, as
sperm splashed onto cervix, but it
wasn’t his sperm nor his
body within the cradle of her thighs and he
could only watch with

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Moment of Truth

Her friends had talked about it--
some loved it and some
swore they'd
never do it again, or
not that far anyway, so she was
scared and excited and
startlingly turned on as she
felt him stiffen and
spasm and
understood with
sudden clarity that
on her knees she faced an
eternal dilemma.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


She complained of a fever
knowing he would insist on
taking her temperature
rectally with the special
outsized thermometer he had
just for such an eventuality.

He would find, after a
thorough examination, that she
had no fever and would
need to be punished for lying, the
prospect of which made her