Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Woods

He drove her back to the woods and
they were wordless as they walked, her
heart pounding when they found the
tree he had once tied her to, naked and
blindfold, and left her in that
raucous silence for whatever,
whoever, came by.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Royal Portrait

                                                      Suffocating in splendour
                                                      she wanted to
                                                      rip the heavy brocade from her bosom,
                                                      bare her sweating breasts to the
                                                      naked air, feel the
                                                      prickle of evaporation from her
                                                      prinking nipples and assuage
                                                      perhaps the painter's
                                                      painful problem.


She was such a good girl
normally, but sometimes the
shape of a bum, the
pack of a groin, the
bounty of a bosom, the
promise of a mouth would take her from
lustful sigh to the
drip down her thigh in the
blink of an eye.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

How Much?

The first time she heard "How much?" she was
mortified and angry and ashamed and
afterwards aroused.
That first "How much?" got a
goldfish stare, the second a
"Fuck Off!" but the third got an
awkward blowjob in the carpark for the
price of the bottle of champagne she
gave her girlfriends.
Numbers four and five got a slap but
number six gave her a shag that
shook her and a wad of cash she
saved in a special account that
grew from time to time and
held out hope of escape, but now
Number Whatever wanted "full service" and
had a nearby place which she
suspected meant things she'd
never yet experienced, and she'd only
wanted to escape a loveless marriage and an
occupied but silent house and she
wondered how it had
come to this as she

Monday, 9 April 2012

Wrong and Right

Wrong Way

The war over me started as soon as we were
naked with the other guy
aggressive and fucking me so hard I
gagged on Hubby's cock and he was
slapping my ass and calling me a
slut, which might have worked if we'd been
alone but my husband's
waning erection told me that the
night wasn't right and though I'd
wanted to show the guy a
night to remember instead I
showed him the door.

Right Way

There often comes a moment when his
insistent thrusts take away your
powers of concentration and your
mouth drops my member, so I
sit up and pull your flushed and
sweating face into a kiss that
tastes of all three of us.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Balance of Power

Like some mid-19th. century statesman she
pondered the Balance of Power as the cab
hustled her away from the family home where her
CEO husband had just finished
preparing her for the lover she'd
taken who was about to
give her
to his friends.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


The shush in the silence is the sound of
stockings being drawn up
close-shaved legs; the soft
snick their attachment to
taut garter-belt; the waterfall of
sibilants is the silken dress covering
nothing else; shuff-pause-
shuff is your sudden
heightening in heels;
scrick is the crooked
wicked smile of a woman
wanting to play.