Wednesday, 21 September 2011


The only suitable mirror was in her
parents' room so she waited 'til they were out and
wondered if it was
normal to be so secretive, but she
wanted so to see what
she could only feel.

It was awkward getting
angle and light right but then
there it was, something so
complex she stared at it for
ages, wondering if it was
normal, those curious

wisps of hair and the
plumping vertical oval--was that
normal? It looked ugly but
drew her fingers to explore the
startlingly sensitive flesh--
was that normal?

Was it normal to be so wet? to be so
excited? to feel so bad and
so good? Was that

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  1. I love this.... the exploration. Great piece


    Ps.. Thank you very much for the lovely comment on my blog, you are too kind

  2. Would it be normal not to be so wet? Well done.


  3. I love this too. I read it yesterday. The exploratory nature of the language, the uncertainty, is charming. So, the word "ugly" doesn't quite fit. It's definitive, not exploratory. And that's bothered me since yesterday. Many times. Art is supposed to "bother" you, to stimulate your brain, to see differently, to perceive otherwise, so I'm grateful. It still bothers me...

  4. The first visual explorations of oneself... was it normal :) absolutely loved this

  5. Wonderful insight on one's first exploration of the self. Written naturally like a true woman. I remember so boldly my hesitation and wonder if it was really "normal". :)