Saturday, 14 April 2012

How Much?

The first time she heard "How much?" she was
mortified and angry and ashamed and
afterwards aroused.
That first "How much?" got a
goldfish stare, the second a
"Fuck Off!" but the third got an
awkward blowjob in the carpark for the
price of the bottle of champagne she
gave her girlfriends.
Numbers four and five got a slap but
number six gave her a shag that
shook her and a wad of cash she
saved in a special account that
grew from time to time and
held out hope of escape, but now
Number Whatever wanted "full service" and
had a nearby place which she
suspected meant things she'd
never yet experienced, and she'd only
wanted to escape a loveless marriage and an
occupied but silent house and she
wondered how it had
come to this as she

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