Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Moment

The man made his move the moment her
husband went to the john and she
had to admire his cheek as he
blatantly hit on her as she
smiled and nodded and
said little while waiting for her
husband to return and stop it but
five minutes became ten and the guy’s
knee was rubbing her thigh when she realised
he wasn’t coming back, was
watching somewhere in the crowded bar,
wanted this thing he’d often
whispered in her ear, was
imagining everything from this guy’s
hand first touching her bare leg to that last
cum-scented kiss she would give him as she
eased him from their house
into the cold pre-dawn
hoping no one could see her
sore, stained, naked body, and for the
first time she really looked at the guy,
found herself attracted and thought
well, why not?