Friday, 19 July 2013


I suspect she has no idea how
beautiful she is, how many
heads she turns;
I suspect she wore that shirt to
enhance what she doesn’t have when
what she has is so perfect;
I suspect she is puzzled by the
hot stares of both sexes and by the
hot flushes such looks send through her;
I suspect she is a virgin who each night
dreams of priapic men, lustful women,
unspeakable depravity;
I suspect that once ignited her passion will
consume many human hearts, several
city blocks, and most of all


  1. It's an interesting piece. I like the content, however, I do not like the way you cut your lines. It's like all the stops are out of place and it feels more like prose than poetry. You can keep the wording as is but cut your line at a different word.
    Having "I suspect" in a line of its own every time would give, both, it and the following idea more strength.

    That's how I felt.
    Have a good day.

  2. I enjoyed this poem. I do like most of the line breaks actually, with the exception of the ones that end with "the."