Friday, 3 February 2012


The ting-ting of a text
alerts me to you, so
far away and free.

“Baby, I met someone—
can I play? I
love you xxx”

My fingers suddenly
can’t cope with the
small keyboard.

Q Who is it?
Where are you going? I
love you xxx.”

Busy screen goes blank
incapable of computing—

“Just someone, his
hotel room, sorry
horny as hell xxx”

Ting-ting “Want me to
remember how the
camera works on this thing?

Lol. Lift—fuck
fingers in me!”

Coffee, walk down the hall.
Ting-ting, “Big suite, big
cock;) Love you xxx”

Coffee cold, need
cigarette, an hour passing
somehow. Ting-ting

“Any chance of that report? J.C.
getting antsy. Best.”
Ting-ting “Honey

can he have my ass? He’s
had everything else;)
Have photos!! xxx”

“TY for report—jeez you should
try spellcheck:( Best” Ting-ting
“Sending photos, fucked out!

Call me, reclaim me, my love.”
Ting-ting “Get yr ass up here. Boss wants 
pow-wow: bring wampum.”

I’ll call...” LOW BATTERY 
Long walk down corridor

long wait for elevator—shit,
lift...whatever...long, long
night ahead.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Very vivid. Wonder how many people have had texts like that?