Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Table in the Corner


      The Maitre D’ always kept that
      table by the window, screened by greenery,
      free each Friday for them to
      kick back after their long week apart,
      marooned in the world of work, their mutual
      love and lust kept bubbling with
      texts, selfies, words whispered,
      promises of acts performed once their
      other appetites were sated, their
      waiter often aroused by the bouquet of
      panties passed from pussy to pocket, a
      glimpse of nipple, the business of
      hands and feet in their
      not-so-subtle struggle to
      keep the table firmly between them.

(Image used by kind permission of to whom I am indebted and whom you should visit)


  1. Wonderful! We are proud to be included here, as always! ~H+C

  2. You have put beautiful words to a beautiful photo <3

    Love Olivia