Monday, 22 May 2017


Whilst she showered off their
commingled effusions, he preferred the
short, sharp shock of cold rain, but
something in the woodland tang of
pine, wild honeysuckle, the
unkempt rosemary, thyme,
love-in-idleness, roses
dripping attar, the distant
smoke of burning applewood and
something distinctly feral, in
heat somewhere, reminded him that
he had a woman within who could
never be satisfied but it was his
sworn duty to try.

(Image used by kind permission of  and Holden-and to whom I am most grateful and you should go visit. The poem is my imagination and is not a reflection of their lifestyle)


  1. This is more on the nose than you might imagine! ;-) Gorgeous stuff, as always. We both love it! ~C

  2. Such a beautiful description of the nature. It's like you want to make love in the rain after reading this <3

    Love, Tinkerbell

  3. The perfect words to describe a perfect moment. I'm so glad I followed you here. - jasper