Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Sometimes you feel like
Andromeda chained to a rock
uncertain what
tentacled fate awaits you

Sometimes you’re in a big
Victorian house where servants
bustle past and
snigger at your nudity

Sometimes its an
artist’s studio where you can hear the
bristles brush your
flesh onto canvas

Sometimes you imagine
cold steel on your
wrists and feet and not your
iron will

Sometimes you hear a door
slam and a long silence
then an opening and the
sound of many feet

Sometimes you weep from
both ends as you
wait for some breath
sign or touch

Sometimes the wait is long but
always ends with a kiss
a strong clasp and a
whispered word

(Image used by kind permission of Holden-and-Camille.com  and Holden-and-Camille.Tumblr.com to whom I am most grateful and you should go visit. The poem is my imagination and is not a reflection of their lifestyle)

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! I believe I have experienced nearly all of these emotions, even if they were just fantasies, while waiting for the sound of the shutter's click. :-) ~C