Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Sometimes she would find the
perfect couple who lived
just  far enough away for it to be
inconvenient, just near enough to be
tempting, so that between their trysts her
phone throbbed endlessly with texts from
one or other, keeping her
humidity high, her
erogeny on edge, her
work zoned out.

“Miss yr lips” “Which ones?
“Fresh creampie—want it?”
Sometimes she would intrude into their
late-night sex:
“Is he in u?” “U in her?”
“Rim him like I rimmed u—dare?”
“Fk her tight little arse for me
“Gonna DP u next time.”

And all the time her pussy
clenched at the thought of being
hooked on slender
scarlet-tipped fingers or riven by
blunt cock, trapped between
smooth and hairy skin.

(Copyright 21/6/11)

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