Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Is your vagina not beautiful enough?
You’ve taken the trouble to
shave or wax it bare and I’m
grateful, though if it were a
jungle I would still love it for the
scents, odours, flavours of your
femininity, the pulsing
heart of your sex, the
fulcrum of our fucklife, the
lips I like to kiss and
kiss and not taste fake jewels the
desire for which would make me feel
less of a man.


  1. This is lovely...actually on rereading it is more than that, it is beautiful.

    Thank you for submitting it to the Pussy Pride Project, it would be great if you could add the Pussy Pride button to this post, that way it helps to create a ongoing source of posts about this issue.

    Thanks again


  2. I agree! Your expression of true puzzlement at this trend celebrates the pussy in all its natural glory! X Ishtars Revenge

  3. Oh the things I would do to have a someone explore, taste, kiss, suck, lightly bite and devour me after reading this poem!

  4. While I do shave I don't add anything else. That concept always befuddled me, why put sticky rhinestones down there? I love the way you worded this and it is beautiful..