Saturday, 20 August 2011


She looked at herself in the mirror and
marvelled at the mess they’d made: her
matted hair was Harry
missing by a mile; her
schoolmarm glasses saved her eyes
from Simon’s spurts;
left cheek was Charles, right
aggressive Andy; the thick
ammoniac taste was Dwayne and
Fred and Chico and Shane
--oh and cold-eyed Winston who’d
made sure she swallowed; the
decaying pearl necklace was Ming;
right breast dripped with Dave;
left with Anthony and weirdly
Stan had sprayed her shoulder-blades.

She resaw herself then as they
surrounded her sore, naked,
kneeling body and felt relief and
regret that Graduation was but
once a year.


  1. 13 if I counted right... energetic, young lads and 1 teacher... would love to of been caught up in that graduation party :)

  2. This makes me look even more forward to my graduation! ;)