Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lost and Found

“She....threatened to go down to N’Orleans
and get herself lost and found”
Captain Beefheart, “Click Clack”.

She stormed out into the
sticky night, her anger
disorienting and
sharpening her senses as she
searched for the
one big thing her
hedgehog mind knew would
wound her pissy partner.

Her short dress and her
high heels, her
bare legs and patent
lack of underwear
made her a magnet in that
busy city centre and
it was only moments before
North met South.

He was perfect for her purpose—
big, built and black—and she
dragged him back to a place
opposite her exit point and
kissed him deeply,
encouraged his hands to
explore her as she waited for her husband to
pay the bill.

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