Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Road into the Woods

It was all so familiar and
so unreal: there was the
childrens’ school, dark and
quiet; the cafe where she
met her friends; the little
lingerie shop whose wares she was
wearing; the enormous Tesco, still
thrumming despite the hour—all so
odd and ordinary, then

the road climbing out of town into the
woods where her children loved to
scamper, where she had played
silly games with her friends, first
held a boy’s hand, first
kissed—in the car-park of which
she was about to suck
strangers’ cocks, encouraged by the
man driving the car who
wasn’t her husband.

The town looked so small and
cosy from up here: she hoped the
children wouldn’t wake and
disturb her husband; that he wouldn’t
start smoking again; that he’d
still love her when she returned
changed and dirtied from her

The car turned and her town was gone: it was
just her and him in that
headlit tunnel through the trees,
with those men and her
frightened excitement at one end and
at the other
everything else.


  1. I quite enjoyed her thought process...her memories as they travel through town, her plea for the children's behavior and her husband's, and her excitement of what she is about to do...

  2. Very interesting thought process as bulltlr said..