Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It was at the deli counter, when the
thickset guy with the ugly tattoo
asked “Anything else, madam?”, that she wanted to
shout “Yes, I’m a
married housewife with two
beautiful girls who will need
picking up from school soon, which will
entail standing amidst
picky parents with this bloody
penis-shaped bit of
plastic in my previously
untouched arse, sent to me by a
man I’ve never met in preparation for his
visitation to our little town next week when I am to
meet him at an hotel where he will—
sorry if this shocks you—
fuck all my holes and send me home with his
sperm on my pretty face—his words
not mine (I think I’m
rather plain)—and do you know
what is really shocking? Eh? Yes
I’m going but no that’s
not it—I’m about to have a
bloody great orgasm right here, right
now and I’m sorry if you have to
call for a clean-up but I hope you
understand and ...oh

Instead, she got a grip on her
shame, her embarrassment, the rather
full feeling in her bowels, the
drip of her pussy and her
incipient orgasm and like a
good English housewife ordered a
half-pound of Cheshire cheese.


  1. This...this is just wonderful!!

  2. This is fantastic! Nothing quite like having hidden toys and looming orgasms while you're out and about.