Monday, 14 November 2011

Spring Breakage

“Relax” he hissed but that was
easier said than done with Pablo already
packing her pussy with penis whilst
Jake’s oil-slathered organ probed her
darker entrance and she could hear
Amy coming loudly and she wondered how
two young English girls in Florida
found themselves so full, how by the
hotel pool, belaboured with boys, they were
rescued by this group of middle-aged men
escaping a conference with a
big cool suite and the makings of the
cocktails which now
roiled in her stomach with the mens’
earlier ejaculations.

With a long sigh (his) and a
grunting moan (hers) Jake finally
filled her just as she caught
Amy’s eyes, as wide as her mouth around
Trey’s black cock, with Frank coming back from his
shower and the other two due back soon with
more drinks, she wondered how
two small English girls would manage so much beef, the
united steaks of America.

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