Sunday, 13 November 2011


She was dishevelled, the woman she
watched, her lipstick smeared and her
eyes black and watery from the man’s
exuberant use of her throat, her
once-neat ponytail now
twisted in his tight fist as his
taut stomach belaboured her
glistening buttocks—sweat or
oil? she wondered as she
observed him withdraw his
decent-sized organ from the woman’s
vagina and centre it (she supposed) on
her pursed anus, yanking the
rein of hair with renewed purpose as the
meaty head broached its defenceless target and he
hissed “Watch it, bitch!” Watch
what? There was so much to
watch in that caco-sensual
confluence of bodies but his
sharp slap demanded the
woman’s attention: “Watch your face
while it goes
and she watched
O yes
she watched.

1 comment:

  1. Reading this makes me feel like a voyeur