Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mother Knows?

She knew straight away—do
Mothers always know?—that her
daughter was now (horrid expression)
sexually active: that little
flushed smile and the embarrassed
wriggle of her hips when she
thought herself unobserved. Her
father would be horrified, though his
new child-bride might be more
....understanding, perhaps?

She wondered if they should have another “talk”, but
what if that talk turned to her own
current man-friend and what her
vanilla Mum now enjoyed? The
purple stripes on her bum and the
plug within, the thick collar and
heavy chain hidden beneath her more
exotic underwear, the exhilarating threat of being
offered to others?

Oh shit, she thought, as she
blew on her tea—how on
earth would I ever
explain all that?

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