Thursday, 23 February 2012

Puritans of the Playground

Her “lunch” went on longer than she’d intended so
there was no time to go home and shower and
throw on the uniform of jeans and sweater or
better still a tracksuit, so she had stand in the
school playground in her sharp suit with that
lovely low neckline and her highest heels,
suffering the stares of the other Mothers
screaming Slut, Whore, Jezebel when their
husbands were probably beating their
meat on the internet and sex meant a
quick shag on their birthdays, and maybe she’d
been at a business meeting! No, ok, she
was an adultress with
pleasantly sticky knickers and she was
damned if the puritans of the
playground were going to spoil the
memory of such a
momentous fuck.

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