Thursday, 27 December 2012

No-Tell Hotel

She was so grateful for the nearby
No-Tell Hotel, where the sight of
one woman and several men (only one of whom
seemingly married to her) caused no
comment: where a large room,
well-separated from others was
always available; where there was
no complaint about her serious screaming nor the
foul language of full-on sex; where there was always
extra towels to dry so many
sweaty bodies; where no-one objected to the
heavily soiled sheets or the
feral smell of so much
gloriously impersonal pleasure.

As she drank her coffee, sated,
watching her children scamper, she
vowed to reward the staff, somehow, and
funnily enough she knew the perfect place.

1 comment:

  1. Perfect in every way. The way you choose words to paint an image, "feral smell of so much gloriously impersonal pleasure" for example, just put me in a dreamlike trance as I visualize the events unfolding.

    More please. ;-) -jasper