Sunday, 30 December 2012

Twenty-First Century

When she unwrapped the iPad he
winked at her and
muttered something about joining the
modern world, which to her was a
sexless marriage, three
rapacious screenagers who only left their rooms to
rape the fridge and mountain the sink with
washing-up, but she gave it a go,
learnt to surf, discovered
Facebook and Twitter, made friends, read
blogs and through them
Lit and tumblr and flickr,
clicked links she knew she shouldn’t,
started an anonymous email, made
new “friends”, one of whom,
now that the house was empty, was
waiting for her new Skype name to
connect, for her to be suitably
undressed, to show her ability to take
direction in the use of those
interesting objects the postman had
unwittingly delivered, a performance she would
record to show her husband that his wife had
well and truly arrived in the
Twenty-First Century.

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