Monday, 21 January 2013


There are few secrets sacred in the playground,
where we all compete, all
bitch about each other, silently
ungenerously, unwomanly: how that one is too
posh to wash; how this one flirts outrageously with the
First-Team coach; how she shows her
Botox to the world, but wouldn’t show her
husband her arsehole.

And me? Quiet me, trying to look
inconspicuous? What are they all
thinking of me as I avoid their looks,
scan the heave for my children as my
lover’s sperm drips by the million into the
gusset of my Marks and Spencer knickers?


  1. I laughed at the bitch about each other silently line and thought some of us bitch out loud ;) and then laughed again at the ungenerously, unwomanly line and scoffed at the she shows her Botox to the world bit. Lovely piece

  2. Love this. I love how furtive and secretive and naughty it is. I also really like how it conveys so much about the world she lives in. Love your blog!

  3. This is why I dont do the playground gates :D

  4. This is stunningly and starkly beautiful.