Monday, 7 January 2013


She wondered which of the gazillion programmes on her
washing-machine wouldn’t ruin the
secrets Victoria had vouchsafed, what to
defrost in the microwave with its
rebarbative instructions, how to
schedule the Skype meeting with the
Execs from four time-zones; how to get them to
stop blabbing so she had time to
shower and shave and
dress sexily for her lover, show him how the
happy-snaps worked, make sure the
video was plugged in, and the
laptop with the webcam was
well-positioned so her
husband working abroad could watch her being
well fucked, and where were the batteries, and---
oh ma-a-an, she moaned as the
cock did its job, a
woman’s work is never done.


  1. a total new way to look at multi-tasking

  2. I like your blog as well, Sir! ;)

    With Love,