Friday, 29 July 2011

A La Carte

(For Erin)

She looked so demure and
prim on his arm as they were
shown to their table, so much the
Midwest housewife a little
overwhelmed with London, her
mouth tightly closed
unnaturally silent.

The waiter proferred menus but
addressed the male as is their
wont so there was no
respite for her as he
ordered aperitifs watching her
mouth twitch and moue,
perusing the menu avidly,
avoiding eyes.

Her husband was stuck in his
conference, so he had
plenty of time to enjoy the
wife dying to be dirty, and his
instructions had been
explicit—that she could only
swallow the gift he’d given her when
directly addressed.

He knew that moment had
arrived as the waiter came to
take their order: “Madam,
what would you like?” and he saw her
throat pulse and a
wicked glint in her eye,
“I think I have a
taste for oysters tonight.”

1 comment:

  1. A very naughty yet intriguing scenario.

    she could only
    swallow the gift he'd given her when
    directly addressed.