Wednesday, 20 July 2011


She’d had to sack someone which
always made her bristle so her
secretary sidled silently in to
deliver the package which
sat ignored through several
sharp phonecalls until she
ripped its DHL’d wrapping to reveal a
hinged well-made box containing a
heavy leather-handled chain attached to a thick
collar on which was embossed in
silver the word SLUT, and a note:
“I will enjoy making you wear this,
parading you
naked on all fours in front of
my friends, Your
Secret Admirer.”

She reached for the phone, tried to
recall the number for Security but
hand and phone never met, her
eyes never left the
obscene gift and her
mind couldn’t get rid of the
sordid image of herself so
graphically described and she
became aware of a faint
scent of herself in the
otherwise sterile office.


  1. Interesting and intense... The hidden alure of the unknown or potentially socially wrong.

  2. Your words always arouse a certain dirty mystery that i adore... -x-

  3. very interesting - from totally in charge to wondering about relinquishing control. i love it.


  4. Fascinating what happens to a strong willed individual when their offered something that is considered taboo.

  5. I remember the first time being offered something and resisting. I remember myself cringe to the thought of arousal and disgust. Oh how it made me re-evaluate my life into a whole new perspective! hahaha